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Emerge's Artist Affiliates help us raise awareness and funding through the powerful medium of music & the arts

Jeff Chandler is the director of Emerge Entertainment. He is an Atlanta native, hard-working family man, platinum songwriter & producer.  He and his eclectic band of local friends from all walks of life do what they do because they believe music is not just for entertainment and celebration, but that it can also be used as a catalyst for positive change. 

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Lil Noovie brings his own twist and taste to the current of Atlanta-bred hip-hop and Gospel.  His uniquely smooth style & quirky vocal make this young artist a "watch list" top pick.

YVTH has a love for high energy live sets, which is why they work hard to craft upbeat, exciting shows that inspire all who might hear to rise out of the common flow of culture.

The band hopes that their Pop-Rock/Hip-hop music inspires people to break free from whatever is holding them down, and dare to believe the best is yet to come.


The 15 years old Atlanta-Based Artist is part of a movement of an up-and-coming generation of moral-compass-conscious hip-hop creators, Trey Beni's music is young, raw, punchy and fun. 

The road to Shonlock’s solo artistry and national debut long player NEVERODDOREVEN  was paved with a wide array of unconventional behind the scenes experiences supplementing the music industry’s heaviest hitters... (read more)

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