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Ron (1981 - 2015)

I AM THE FACE OF ADDICTION.   On OCTOBER 21st 2015, at the young age of 34, less than 24 hours of being out of jail for the 4th time and many unsuccessful attempts at sobriety I accidentally overdosed on heroin in my bedroom,and I am now just a memory to all those who love me. Heroin stole my bright future and it left a monumental hole in my families' heart.  It took my chance of showing my son how much I loved him and the man his Dad could of been. I will now never get the chance to tell my son how proud I am to be his Dad and how proud I am of him. 


Ron struggled with addiction for 5 years after becoming addicted to prescribed pain medications while living in Florida after a back injury. Moving his new wife and newborn son back to his home state of NY. Their plan was to raise their son around his large extended family. This made getting his meds hard, Doctors here not so liberal in prescribing the pain meds, so he resorted to street drugs. This was the beginning of the end of the son I new. He lost so much of his life. His wife of 4years and even his son. 

This drug had taken over his life and he desired nothing from his past life. Only worrying when he would get that next hit.
Unfortunately, he ignored the help and love from the people who cared and loved him.
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