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Mark's Story

After suffering from drug addiction since the age of 11, Mark's recovery story begins with a drug induced, 2-story fall from a ladder which affected his ability to walk and talk. Emerge helped connect Mark with a job placement program that has helped make a great impact on his life and family after graduating from a successful recovery program.  He is now restored with his family and has a fulfilling job for the first time since 1997.  

Become a partner with emerge to help people just like Mark escape drug addiction relapse.

We serve families and individuals who have graduated from an addiction recovery program.

99% of Opiate addicts relapse within 1 week after treatment if a long-term support system is not in place following treatment.

Opiate Addicts


What if there was a committed group of people that  supported the addiction recovery community with a financial opportunity and accountability? Emerge aids in making those connections... 

emerge is committed to helping recovery addicts of all types of drugs and alcohol.


Making music

that makes a difference

We partner with addiction recovery programs and local businesses to provide financial support for individuals who cannot afford the help they so desperately need.  

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