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What happens after I graduate from my recovery program? 

Next steps to your success

We help successful graduates of recovery programs have a smooth transition back into their community by supporting them with job placement.

emerge recovery | job placement program

Job Placement

Wondering where to land after graduating from your recovery program? 

Emerge  exists to help you continue your success by helping you find placement in a reliable, supportive employment environment. 

For more information about the Job Placement Program and how to qualify, please contact us by phone or complete the form for more information.

emerge partners with local businesses to provide reliable employment to successful graduates of recovery programs.

One of the greatest challenges facing recovery center graduates is re-engaging into the flow of a healthy culture after leaving their recovery program. They have spent months with all of their needs met by the recovery center as well as being surrounded by a family of supporters and professionals. 


Leaving that environment for a reality where they are suddenly alone and fending for themselves again can be insurmountable at times, many times driving them back to addiction.  One of our goals is to help these men and women find renewed hope and a sense of belonging, post-rehabilitation as well as give them an employment environment where they are financially and emotionally supported; greatly reducing the risk of relapse.


emerge recover | company partner
emerge recovery | small business owner partner
emerge recovery | corporate partners

Are you the owner of a business that would like to partner with emerge recovery and help end the cycle of drug addiction?

Local Business Partnerships | Job Placement
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